Should we do something with social networks and the scam that affects Uni?

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Not really appropriate in line with the rules of this Governance forum also better to post a picture of these when showing them than a link as there could be vulnerable people on this forum who click all the way through the links including the scammers link linked above.

Nothing really can be done except for reporting the scam accounts/posts to the social media platform when you see them in a hope they’ll be removed. Sadly with great thing the ugly is often drawn out aswell, a lot of different people with different scams to take other peoples UNI, again uncontrollable as these social media companies are centrally controlled.

On a final note I would also say if you know anyone who wants to claim you can inform them the only place where airdrops can be officially claimed are at


I’m locking this topic indeed, this is not suitable for the governance forum.

Ultimately, Uniswap (and we on the forum) have provided all the tools and information required to claim UNI. It’s up to the users to get information from official sources (which are out there).

That being said, there will always be scams. And, the governance forum won’t help change that. Sad, but true. This is more a topic for Discord general chat or support chat (although, to confirm: transactions are irrevertible, stolen funds can’t be retrieved)