Mobilizing the Uniswap Treasury

Thanks for the proposal @AbdullahUmar and @Doo_StableLab. My team and I would recommend aligning to the following tenets to help guide decision making when mobilizing the Uniswap Treasury. These tenets are designed to be iterative and improved with feedback. Many of them are already well demonstrated in the above proposal.

  1. Risk and Diversification: Enhance treasury stability through risk management and asset diversification in blue chip asset.
  2. Governance: Foster stakeholder alignment with transparent governance.
  3. Innovation and Ethics: Drive growth with DeFi innovation and ethical practices.
  4. TVL Growth and Fee Use: Boost Total Value Locked and effectively use fees for sustainability.
  5. Market Stability: Implement sell pressure mitigation and target volume growth.
  6. Transparency: Ensure stakeholder trust with clear, regular financial reporting.

Eager to help however we can.

Don (Solo Labs)