Dont forget MIR airdrop

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Can you please share some details…

I just did. If u had 100 or more UNI by snapshot date u get 220 MIR per wallet

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How about if you had put them on a liquidity pool?Do you still get
the airdrop?.

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I pooled 100 UNI in PoolTogether after 11/27. If I unstake them now will I be able to claim the airdrop?

Good question I have no idea…possibly no

This is a governance forum, not really the place to share or discuss a MIR airdrop.
Use Discord, thank you.

Do appreciate you reminder UNI holders of it, I know the intentions were good.


Ok didnt know airdrops were considered spam. I wont use dischord its total spyware. I think rules should be relaxed on this if its not a scam which MIR airdrop is not.

It’s a governance forum and it’s not governance related: Uniswap Governance Forum Rules.

‘’ This forum is dedicated to discussions on Uniswap governance. Relevant topics include:

  • Governance Proposals
  • Proposal Discussions
  • Delegation Pitches
  • Site Feedback

This is not the place for:

  • UNI price discussion
  • Generic Uniswap discussion
  • Uniswap support requests
  • Off-topic conversations’’

Doesn’t have to do much with ‘relaxing’ the rules. There simply have to be clear guidelines and if we don’t follow them it’s going to be more difficult to maintain a good overview again :slight_smile:

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