Deploy Uniswap V3 to Boba Network

Boba Network is an Optimistic Rollup, likely launching next week. It is built on Optimism, with added features including native fast exits, hybrid compute, and a token (OMG).

There is great value in making Uniswap available on every EVM compatible Layer 2. If Uniswap does not deploy on Boba Network, others will fill its spot. SushiSwap, DODO, AnySwap, Coin98, and others have already signaled intentions to deploy on Boba Network.

It would be extremely low effort to deploy on Boba Network because it is built on Optimism, which Uniswap has already been deployed and tested on.

Deploying on Boba Network will quash rumors that there is a centralized authority like a16z and Paradigm controlling Uniswap.

The Boba Network community is not small. The token (OMG) is widely distributed, continuously does high volume and has a $1+ billion market cap, and enables decentralization of the rollup.

There are some advantages that Boba Network offers over Arbitrum and Optimism. Users may be more inclined to use Boba Network over Arbitrum and Optimism due to native fast exits (instant withdrawals vs the standard 7-day period), and community participation through their DAO.

Hybrid compute (smart contracts that can trigger AWS Lambda) may potentially open up more possibilities of projects that can be built on Uniswap. Boba is partnered with Polywrap, who recently received a large UNI grant and opens the doorway for all developers to build.

Boba Network is currently focused on the Asian market. The team is being led by Enya, a decentralized privacy company in Silicon Valley, and is backed by Genesis Block Ventures, which has a number of DeFi investments in Asia.

It would be best to start discussions ASAP as Boba Network is likely being launched next week.


Bringing Uniswap V3 to Boba Network is minimal effort and would greatly enhance the ETH community.


SushiSwap currently is deployed on more platforms. UniSwap shouldn’t allow them to take over the market. With SushiSwap coming to Boba Network they’ll get 100% of the pie on Boba Network. UniSwap should deploy on Boba Network as well.


Uniswap will only benefit from having multiple L2 solutions. Allowing users to chose what solution is best for them will help expand uniswaps user base, especially those who can’t afford to pay for extremely high gas fees. Right now it’s hard for crypto noobs to trade on a DEX when gas fees will use 10% of their portfolio in just 1 trade. They will be turned away and will only want something cheaper.

Those who choose to have their funds on an L2 will be able to trade and react during extremely volatile market conditions, instead of being a spectator holding their bag waiting for gas fees to lower. Implementing multiple L2s will create more arbitrage opportunities DEXs which increases liquidity and volume across the whole Defi space.


So many benefits to UNI being on Boba Network. Sort of no excuse with the fact you can just basically copy and paste onto Boba Network. Minimal effort but maximised results.


Fast exits are definitely something I want, I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard. Sounds like a win-win deploying UNI on Boba Network.


We should deploy on all Layer 2’s being rolled out this year. Add Boba to the deployment list.

Let’s compete with Sushi and other DEXs on all Layer 2’s.


Giving uni users more choice on where to use uni is never a bad thing.
Helps cater to more demographics and individuals to ensure mass adoption and usage of uni!


“Boba provides a platform that is as secure as Ethereum but much more affordable, with hybrid compute-enabled apps down the road that is uniquely available to Boba users.”
-Alan Chiu.

You better tie a rope to the rocket and hold on tight… cause it’s gonna be a ride.


I don’t see a reason to not deploy Uniswap to Bobanetwork’s optimistic rollup tbh. So, how do we proceed, to turn this into a formal proposal?


Yes, more choices to the user, the better. With its hybrid compute option connecting to lambda, users can run complex algorithms! No brainer!


Stanford Blockchain Club where you at? Vote for Uniswap to onboard Boba Network as Boba Network is ran by Stanford faculties!


Letss go Uniswap!!! we need this done asap!


Looks like a no brainer to me. Have to keep up with direct competition on L2. And in this case even more so considering minimum amount of effort involved.


we should deploy on all layers like sushi

Yes, uni needs to speed up layer 2.

we need this lets go